October 14. West Jeddore, for piano solo. Five movements: Fogscape, Breakfast with Birds, Storm and Lament, Lulled by the Sea, Drunk on Vastness. Louise Bessette, piano. Cecilia Concerts, Lilian B. Piercey Concert Hall, Halifax, 7.30 p.m. Première
July 11. En pièces détachées, six pieces for piano solo. Yoshiko Kline, piano. Pieces listed below plus From a dark time, The clock takes a bath (premières). Tanglewood Faculty Recital, Trinity Church, Lenox. 7 p.m.
July 11. Quartet from Verdi's Rigoletto, transcribed for violin, clarinet, cello, contrabass and piano. Transcription commissioned by Joseph Weber. Rhapsody Quintet, St. Matthew's Church, Halifax, 12 noon.
June 3, 4. On the shore, by Rob Woodley. Arranged for male choir and piano by Plant. Coastal Voices Men's Choir, conducted by Ross Thompson.
March 31. En pièces détachées, four pieces for piano solo, commissioned by Peter Kovner: My hands listen to the sun, Unbridled, Lockdown, Little Richard Dances with Bartók. Yoshiko Kline, piano. Rivers Conservatory Seminar on Contemporary Music for the Young, Weston, Massachusetts, 7.30 p.m. Première.
March 28. Three Echoes of the Odyssey. Teresa Vaughan, piano; Jeremy Craycraft, percussion. College of Saint Scholastica, Duluth, Minnesota, 12 p.m.


May 21, 22. Bliss and I Must Believe, by T. Thomason, arranged for male choir and piano. Coastal Voices Men's Choir, conducted by Ross Thompson
April 19-24. The Heart of Things, spoken word opera, for six actors and soundtrack, libretto by Wanda R. Graham. Online workshop with Heat Theatre.
Bren: Lou Campbell. Pearl (Nan): Martha Irving; Les Sr.: Matthew Lumley; Junior: Spencer Laing; Ariel: Henricus Gielis; Casey: Kiya Mosey.


February 16, 2020. Three Echoes of the Odyssey, for piano and percussion. Marie Josée Simard, percussion; Louise Bessette, piano,
Conservatoire de musique de Montréal, 3.30 p.m. Première.


September 12-16. I will fly like a bird. Thompson Street Opera, Chicago. U.S. première.
July 8. Insomnia. Elissa Alvarez, soprano; Jennifer Bill, saxophone; Yoshiko Kline, piano. Tanglewood Faculty Concert, Lenox, Mass.
February 7, 2019. Insomnia. Yungee Rhie, soprano; Michael Couper, saxophone; ChoEun Lee, piano. Lee University, Tennessee
February 9, 2019. Insomnia. Same performers as above. Marc Scorca Hall, Opera America, New York.
February 11, 2019. Insomnia. Same performers as above. New England Conservatory, Keller Room, Boston, 6.30 p.m..


October 28, 2018. Faustus: A SaxOpera. Jeremy Brown, saxophone. Calgary Wind Symphony. Eckhart-Grammaté Hall, Calgary.
July 10, 2018:. Faustus Suite (for saxophone, guitar and piano). William Chien, saxophone; Stefan Skrilecz, guitar; Kate Kang, piano. World Saxophone Congress, Croatian National Theatre (Semicircular Hall), Zagreb, Croatia, 11.30 a.m. Première
February 4, 2018: Faustus: A SaxOpera. Chamber version. Joshua Thomas, saxophone; Megan Sesma, harp; Patrice Newman, piano. Coast Guard Recital Series. Noank Baptist Church, Noank, Connecticut, 2 p.m.
February 2, 2018. Faustus: a SaxOpera. Chamber version. Chamber version for saxophone, piano, and harp. Performers as above. Evans Hall, Connecticut College, New London, Connecticut, 7.30 p.m.


November 25, 2017. Earthsea Sonata, for clarinet and piano. Dominic Desautels, clarinet; Tina Chong, piano. Cecilia Concerts, Halifax, Maritime Conservatory. Première.
July 11, 2017. Faustus: a SaxOpera. Chamber version for saxophone, piano, and harp. Jennifer Bill, saxophone; Yoshiko Kline, piano, Franziska Huhn, harp. Tanglewood Faculty Recital, Trinity Church, Lenox, Massachusetts. U.S. premiere of chamber version
June 10, 2017. A deep clear breath of life. Jennifer Bill, saxophone; John Plant, piano. Mahaney Center for the Arts, Middlebury College, Vermont.
May 27, 2017. Voices Answering Back: The Vampires. Premiere of choral setting of Lawrence Raab's poem. Coastal Voices, conducted by janet Gaskin. Musquodoboit Harbour United Church, Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia.
May 15-16, 2017: Insomnia. Talisker Players, with Ilana Zankarin, soprano. Toronto Canadian première
March 11, 2017: Faustus: a SaxOpera. Michael Couper, saxophone; San Diego State University Wind Ensemble, conducted by Dr. Shannon Kitelinger. Don Powell Theatre SDSU, San Diego, California. 7.30 p.m.
February 18, 2017. Faustus, a SaxOpera. Chamber version for saxophone, piano, and harp. Tristan de Borba, saxophone; Jennifer King, piano; Ellen Gibling, harp. North American Saxophone Alliance conference, Mt. Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick. Première of chamber version
February 10, 2017, Faustus: a SaxOpera. Tristan de Borba, saxophone; Acadia University Wind Ensemble, cond. Dr. Mark Hopkins. Shattering the Silence Festival 2017. Canadian première


December 1, 2016. Sunday, 4 A.M., Suzie LeBlanc, soprano; Blue Engine String Quartet. Music Toronto, St. Lawrence Concert Hall, Toronto.
November 16, 17, 18, 20. Faustus: a SaxOpera. Joseph Murphy, Mansfield college Wind Ensemble cond. Dr. Adam Brennan. Performances at Jersey Shore, Dover, Ephrata, Blue Ridge, and Lackawanna Trail High Schools; at Keystone College and at Mansfield College, all in Pennsylvania.
November 13, 2016. Sunday, 4 A.M. Suzie LeBlanc, soprano; Blue Engine String Quartet. Cecilia Concerts, Halifax, N.S.
October 6, 2016. Faustus: a SaxOpera. Jennifer Bill, saxophone; Boston University Wind Ensemble, David Martins, conductor. Tsai Center, Boston University, 8 p.m. A WWCPCF commission (World Wide Concurrent Premieres Commissioning Fund). Premiere.
August 26, 2016. Sunday, 4 A.M. Suzie LeBlanc, soprano; Blue Engine String Quartet. St. James Anglican Church, Mahone Bay, N.S.


December 10, 2015. A deep clear breath of life, Tristan de Borba, saxophone; Simon Docking, piano. University of Toronto. Doctoral recital.
December 2, 2015. A deep clear breath of life, Tristan de Borba, saxophone, Simon Docking, piano. The Music Room, Halifax
November 19, 2015. A deep clear breath of life. Tristan de Borba, saxophone; Simon Docking, piano. Denton Hall, Acadia University. Canadian premiere.
October 31, 2015, Insomnia; Michael Couper, saxophone; Yungee Rhie, soprano; ChoEun Lee, piano. Premiere Carnegie Hall, New York.
October 21, 2015. A deep clear breath of life. Michael Couper, saxophone; Katie Reimer, piano. Merkin Hall, New York
October 4, 2015 Piano Quintet, Premiere in an all-Plant concert; with Blue Engine String Quartet, Marcia Swanston, mezzo-soprano, and Jocelyne Fleury, percussion. Cecilia Concerts, Halifax. Other works in concert: Somnus et Amor; Canciones del alma; Romance sonambulo; transcription of Haydn's Arianna a Naxos.
May 22-23, 2015: I will fly like a bird, Opera Nova Scotia, Halifax. Stage premiere
May 6, 2015: A deep clear breath of life; Michael Couper, saxophone, ChoEun Lee, piano. Smith Recital Hall, San Diego State University.
May 12-13, 2015: Invocation to Aphrodite, Andrea Ludwig, mezzo-soprano. Talisker Players, Toronto
February 3, 2015. String quartet, Blue Engine String Quartet, The Music Room, Halifax. PremièreWrite your text here...